Water Transporters LLC                                       

North Dakota Oil Field Driving Job Description

We run 12 hour shifts 7am - 7pm and the jobs require all truck drivers to work days and nights.  Swap out every 12 hours and turn in your paperwork. There is no corporate BS to deal with and very few rules to hassle you. Do what you are paid to do (your job) and everyone will be happy (no hand holding, no petty bickering, no catering to whiners.)

Oilfield Working/Driving Conditions:
Spring, summer, and fall are all pretty decent for driving and working in the oilfields. The ND winter, on the other hand, is very cold and long. You will be driving/working in mud, snow, ice, rain, hail, fog, etc. You will get dirty almost every day. You will get in and out of the truck a lot and have to be able to climb several flights of stairs a day. You will have to lift 50lbs over you head frequently to connect/disconnect hoses to and from your truck. You will be required to wear a hard hat, safety glasses, long sleeves, pants, and steel toe boots while working. You will be required to chain a truck (training provided). You will be tired and hungry after work almost everyday.

Qualifications: Oilfield Truck Driver
pass drug & background tests
CDL A with tanker endorsement
2 experience driving CDL A (new guys go put in your time OTR like everyone else)   
No major violations or accidents
independent worker (no direct supervision)
work 12 hour shifts 6/7 days per week. You can expect to work night shift!
Ability to work in very cold weather (will be outside to load and unload trailer) North Dakota
This is not a free ride! You will be expected to put in a lot of hours but will be compensated accordingly
Paid by Direct deposit or check.
Money motivated hard workers will do best in this job environment.
Housing provided (close quarters) shared housing.
RV spaces available.
---TIME OFF--- if you have obligations and commitments that you need to keep going home for than this is not for you. This is a $100,000 per year job for HARD WORKERS! With jobs that pay that much you live your job. That being said, time off is available for hard workers when necessary.
Hard working dedicated people only.
We will be flexible for the right person.
No transportation provided. You will need a car/truck here.


What we offer:

If you are a hard worker you can expect to make $2,000.00 per week.

No Benefits

Workers compensation is provided

Taxes are taken out W2

Man camp housing (basically a place to sleep and take a shower) No Tv, No Internet, No pool hall, etc

a great boss (sometimes). Call Elvis 701-339-7416